Longing for a Life of Health, Happiness, Love and Success?

Mastaclass Magic is an inspirational, transformational book that details my struggles to overcome tremendous obstacles and achieve success in all my goals and dreams during my journey from:

  • Poverty to Financial Securitypeter pic
  •  No Access to a High School Education to a Harvard University Scholarship
  •  Dysfunctional Family to Heartwarming, Exemplary Family Life
  •  Misery to Lasting Happiness, no matter what


The author of Mastaclass Magic has acquired much knowledge and lessons from a lifetime of learning and challenging experiences. Since he wants to leave a legacy to change the world for the better, he is motivated to share his knowledge and lessons with others.

“Did you know that you can live a life beyond your dreams and expectations? Well, I didn’t know it myself until I experienced it. Realistic goals, Hard work coupled with relevant knowledge brings success.” Peter Muir


If you are a young adult, seeking to discover your true mission in life, striving to be the best that you can be, wanting to perform to the best of your ability, this website will help you to achieve your goals. If you want to make a difference in the world, have wonderful relationships, love and be loved passionately, be happy always, this website is designed to inspire, motivate and assist you in any or all of your desires. Not a young adult? You may also derive much benefit and be better equipped to help your young adult family and friends.


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WHAT IF you could take charge of your life? WHAT IF you could, whatever your age or circumstances, manage to achieve a life of health, love, happiness and personal success?

Peter Muir’s forthcoming Book of Memoirs “MASTACLASS MAGIC, True Journey to Health, Happiness, Love and Success” relates his extra-ordinary story of defying seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve all his hopes and dreams.

You were born with ability, creativity, and spirituality, destined to be loved, respected, happy and successful. Not an accurate description of your life? It is not your fault, not entirely. The good news is that it is not too late to turn your life around by learning to master your thoughts, emotions, speech, actions and habits.

Read my memoirs to:

  • Attract your soul-mate and  Share Sexual Ecstasy
  •   Improve the Health of your Brain, Body, Mind and Soul
  • Control your Emotions and Nurture your Relationships
  • Increase your Energy, Work Hard, Work Smart to Achieve  your Dreams
  • Love Yourself; Care for Your Neighbors; Serve your God in Spirit and in Truth


Written in the gift of his book, Pieces of Jamaica: “Dad, Thank you for being a great role model to follow and for inspiring me to smile; to help others to smile too.”     

David Muir

“Mastaclass Magic memoirs are inspirational gems to motivate                                                                                                                youngsters and adults to overcome the obstacles they encounter in                                                                                                      their life’s journey.”

Allison Holness McGraham

From childhood disadvantages of a dysfunctional family, poverty, misery, ill health, and scarce opportunities for quality education, Peter achieved the ultimate goals of every human being, which he terms MASTACLASS. The essential ingredients are self-love, self esteem, soul-mate intimacy, sexual fulfillment, caring for others, lasting happiness and spiritual peace. With passion, perseverance, dedication and determination, Peter won a full scholarship to Harvard University. He learned and shares essential knowledge about loving oneself and others, healthy living, spirituality, financial security, happiness and success.