About the Author

Peter Muir was born October 1937 into a poor family located in the Southside ghetto of downtown Kingston, Jamaica. During the 1950s Jamaica had only a few registered, private high schools capable of accommodating less than 10 % of the high school age population. Ten years after Britain had granted Jamaica partial self-government in 1944, not a single public high school had yet been built. Peter’s family was so poor that he occasionally attended school barefoot. To fund his high school education he started working at 11 years, teaching extra lessons to students at Holy Family Elementary School. In 1952 at age 14 he entered St. George’s College (High School) in Form 3A, skipping two forms. He placed first for Jamaica in the 1955 British Senior Cambridge Examinations. Major high school appointments were House Captain, Prefect and Valedictorian of his graduating class. In 1958 he won an international scholarship to Harvard University for full tuition, room and board. He worked on campus, cleaning dormitories, serving in dining rooms and in the libraries.

After graduation in 1961 with the Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in chemistry, he immediately returned to Jamaica. Varied work experiences include high school chemistry teacher, chief chemist, new products supervisor, sales manager, marketing manager, restaurant owner, chairman and secretary of Shish Kebab Limited. He was the first member of Sales and Marketing Executives International to be awarded an international scholarship to their Marketing and Sales Management Graduate Program at Syracuse University. In 1964 he fell in love with Beverley Hanson at first sight and married her in 1965. The union produced two children, Susan and David. In 1984 Beverley was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and designated medically disabled for more than 20 years of their marriage. He retired before age 50 to concentrate on personal investments and have more time to take care of his wife.

He was inducted into the Rotary Club of Downtown Kingston and served as Director of Community Service, Director of Vocational Service, Director of International Service and for many years as Treasurer. He founded a scholarship program in his Rotary club for poor Downtown Kingston inner-city primary and secondary school students. He served as Chairman of the Scholarship Committee and a Trustee of the Scholarship Foundation until his membership status changed from Active to Honorary Rotarian. Volunteering in Youth Opportunities Unlimited, he mentored and tutored teenage inner-city boys. He also served on the boards of community, school, professional, sports and service organizations.

He was awarded Volunteer of the Year 2006 by the Jamaica International Volunteer Committee in association with the United Nations Volunteer Program in recognition of dedicated commitment to community and nation building through voluntary service. At age 76, Peter continues to learn new ideas and discoveries about the health of body, brain, mind and soul. He is happy and excited about his life and his mission to assist in making the world a better place for all people. By sharing his memoirs, he hopes to inspire you to keep learning and striving for a better life of love, good health, lasting happiness and personal success.