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Get rid of back problems causing chronic pain in your back, sides and legs

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems. Acute Back Pain can come on suddenly from a fall, a blow or lifting something heavy. Acute Back Pain lasts 6 weeks or less and may not require any more treatment other than pain tablets. Chronic Back Pain usually develops slowly as a result of illnesses, bad posture and other age-related practices. The first attack of low back pain usually occurs between the ages of 30 to 40 and becomes more common in higher age groups and physically unfit persons. Do you have a lower back problem that causes chronic pain in your back, side and/or legs? I can offer you Back Health Stretching Exercises for preventing and curing many lower back problems.  No back pain? These exercises will improve your health, your agility and prevent your suffering from back pain in the future.

About 20 years ago I suffered from severe pain in my upper right leg for more than a year. I went first to my family doctor several times without any relief. I tried other general practitioners, then specialists, but the pain increased at times to the extent that I was unable to walk or drive. Finally I went to the reputed top specialist in Jamaica who required many tests, including blood, urine, ultrasound, and x-rays. He prescribed medicines and sent me to see a physiotherapist with a sealed letter.

She read the letter, then asked me to do some simple bending and stretching movements. To my surprise she told me that she believed the specialist’s diagnosis was wrong and that she knew my real problem. She told me to perform 5 stretching exercises, 5 times each, twice per day. I was told to return in 3 weeks. My friends, David and Marilyn Ludtke from Nebraska, joined me and my family at Gremlin Hill Villa in Port Antonio to spend 2 weeks vacation together. He saw me doing the exercises and remarked that the same exercises had cured him a few years ago. I was completely cured of my back problems and leg pain before I returned to the physiotherapist.  However, she gave me 3 more exercises and recommended that I continue doing all 8 exercises 10 times daily for another 3 weeks. I have continued to do all the exercises every morning and have never had any more back or leg pain.

I have recommended the exercises to many persons who have complained of chronic pains in their back, sides or legs and most have experienced relief from their pain and restriction of movement. It is particularly significant that my friend, Dr. Winston Chen, who taught medical students at the University of the West Indies Medical School, came to my home to ask for 2 copies of the exercises, and to demonstrate them to him. Below is the testimonial of Ms.Shirley Simmonds who has professed the most relief from the exercises.

I had pain in my back for the past 15 years. My feet were also swollen and in pain sometimes so that I could not wear my good shoes. I visited my doctor regularly but the pain and swelling continued. I met Peter Muir in 2011, and after hearing about my problem, he recommended the exercises and gave me a copy of them early in 2012. After a few weeks of doing the exercises I began feeling better. Now the pains are gone and my feet are no longer swollen. I feel so much better.  I can do a lot of things that I was not capable of doing before. I am doing a part time job now. The exercises have changed my whole life for the better. I can recommend the exercises to everyone suffering from chronic back, side and leg pains.”

Shirley Simmonds