102 and Still Taking the Bus but Never Drove the Car he Owned

peters dad 4A few months before he died at the ripe old age of 102, a reporter from the Gleaner Company interviewed Papa. In the article published in the Star daily newspaper, Papa related what happened to his house and car.

“Soon after I moved into the house, the company I worked with, The Jamaica Mail, closed down and I was out of a job.” It was during this period that he said he made the biggest mistake of his life. Desperation forced his hand and he made a decision   and took some actions that he would never recover from as long as he lived. “I could not pay the bank for the loan, so I sold the house for 300 British pounds when it was valued at over 1000 pounds.” He explained, “You see, money had to be going out but none was coming in.” He also revealed another shortcoming which contributed to the later hardships faced by his family as he lost another asset through a lack of concern.

When he was moving out of his house, Papa related that he sat around the steering wheel of his car, but did not drive it. The reporter asked, “So what was wrong with the car?”

“Well… nothing, but I never learned to drive so I made my cousin Joe tow it with his car all the way to my mother’s home.”

“What became of your car?”

He responded, “I want to know myself. Well, I never moved my car. As far as I know, I left the car the same place there, but until now, I don’t know where it went.”


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To save money for high school fees, I started working at age eleven teaching extra lessons at my elementary school. I entered high school in third form and came first for Jamaica in the 1955 British Senior Cambridge exams. Taking the US SAT exams I ranked in the top 3% in the world. Several US universites offered scholarships and I graduated from Harvard in1961. I married Beverley Hanson in 1965 and I have 2 children, Susan and David.

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