Peter Muir’s Interviews on Ian Boyne’s Profile on Television Jamaica

Peter Muir’s Interview on Ian Boyne’s Profile Part 1

Born in a Kingston, Jamaican ghetto community to a very poor family. I attended elementary school barefoot. In 1949 my family was unable to afford to send me to high school. Yet I graduated from Harvard University in 1961.


Peter Muir’s Interview on Ian Boyne’s Profile Part 2

This video tells stories of my employment with multinational corporations. I worked as a chief chemist, new products supervisor, sales manager, marketing manager and restaurant owner.


Peter Muir’s Interview on Ian Boyne’s Profile Part 2 Cont’d

I fell in love at first sight with Beverley Hanson and married her a year later in 1961. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and declared disabled in 1984. I took care of her for 25 years and was heartbroken when she died in 2006. 

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About Peter Muir

To save money for high school fees, I started working at age eleven teaching extra lessons at my elementary school. I entered high school in third form and came first for Jamaica in the 1955 British Senior Cambridge exams. Taking the US SAT exams I ranked in the top 3% in the world. Several US universites offered scholarships and I graduated from Harvard in1961. I married Beverley Hanson in 1965 and I have 2 children, Susan and David.

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