Pride and Prejudice Prevail now available in Kingston Bookshop branches in Jamaica

Peter Muir’s book Pride and Prejudice Prevail is now available in Kingston Jamaica at Kingston Bookshop branches.

It is also available on

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Peter Muir’s first memoir, Pride and Prejudice Prevail, is written to help teenagers and adults who want to improve their health, happiness, love and success. Its unique advantage is that it is based on the author’s actual life experience.

You will read extra-ordinary stories of his life’s ongoing journey of transformation which started with his acute awareness in childhood of the inequality, prejudice, discrimination and injustice that prevailed in his family, community, society and his country Jamaica. 

In 1937 he was born, the fifth of eight children, into a family so poor that they could not afford to send him to high school. How then, if not by magic, did he graduate from Harvard University in 1961? The first memoir, Pride and Prejudice Prevail, tells how he overcame poverty, severe illness and tremendous obstacles to achieve a good education, true love, financial security and a long life. It seeks to explain the factors that generated his philosophy, his passion and the goals that propelled him to have amazing love, financial success and lasting happiness, no matter what. 


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About Peter Muir

To save money for high school fees, I started working at age eleven teaching extra lessons at my elementary school. I entered high school in third form and came first for Jamaica in the 1955 British Senior Cambridge exams. Taking the US SAT exams I ranked in the top 3% in the world. Several US universites offered scholarships and I graduated from Harvard in1961. I married Beverley Hanson in 1965 and I have 2 children, Susan and David.

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