Ode to Beverley

I love you Beverley

with love that will forever be.

The very first day we met

I knew my fate was set.

It was fascination I know

but love was sure to grow.

Your charm, your shape, your face,

your heavenly embrace.

Happiness divine,

you said your love was mine

and sealed it with a kiss.

I never knew such bliss.

O glorious wedding day,

how proud I felt and gay.

Our marriage Bev, my love

was made in heaven above.

Now thirty years have passed.

How could such love still last?

My dearest Beverly

I’ll cherish you eternally.

Peter Muir

Wonderful Lasting Love

I went to my sister Sheila’s dancing class

To take her home that blissful night.

On stage I saw a petite, curvaceous lass

waltzing. Oh, what a lovely sight.

Cupid’s arrow pierced my heart

From which a glow spread through all of me

I knew I was in love, but what is love?

I called it temporary insanity.

After marriage, two children, more ups than downs,

forty years and more have passed.

I’m still aglow and still excited.

How long can temporary insanity last?

I need a new definition of love.

But what on earth can that be?

Perhaps I need to look to heaven.

Could love be God’s greatest gift to me?

These many years I’ve learned to know

That love is kind, caring, sharing,

most passionate yet tender, and so

thrilling, wonderful and lasting.

Beverley, thank you for forty happy years.

I love you with all my heart,

With all my soul, and all my mind,

And I will cherish you till death do us part.

                                                                                                             Peter Muir

Is It Love, True Love

Love! What is this thing called Love

How shall I, can I define it?

How many different types of Love I see

Can Love be here, anywhere, everywhere?

Romantic Love, Sensual Love, Brotherly Love

Tender, Caring, Lasting, Emotional Love

Kind, Compassionate, Motherly Love

Passionate, Jealous, Heartbreaking, even Fatal Love?

Divine, Thrilling, Exciting Love

Confusing, Disturbing, Unrequited Love,

Mysterious, Enchanting, Bewitching Love

Rapturous, Exhilarating, Earthshaking, Amazing Love

So many types of Love to ponder

How, where to find my True love, I wonder

At home, at school, at play, at work, in church or park

Is my true beloved here, near or yonder?

So what is Love? I am yet to know

I thank God for Love and making it grow

True Love defies adequate description for sure

Still I feel, I know, you are my True Love for evermore

There’s a familiar knock on my front door

My heart beats faster as I race across the floor

All my doubts vanish as I see your face

I hold my dear, darling, sweetheart in my embrace

Oh happiness unbounded. Ecstasy is mine

The wonderful joy of Unconditional Love divine

True Love always gives the beloved their desires

And demands nothing in return of what it requires.

                                                                                                                          Peter Muir