Health Secrets Most Doctors Won’t Tell

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You visit the doctor because you feel sick and want to be well again. You may be feeling pain, lacking energy, be overweight, and/or already diagnosed with a disease.

The most important secret he won’t tell you is that doctors are not trained to make you well. Doctors are trained to diagnose your health problems and cure the symptoms of the problem for a period of time.

Your doctor will not tell you what caused you to become sick with disease and overweight.

Your doctor will not tell you what you have to do to prevent and/or heal your problem and other health problems in the future.

Why do you have sickness and overweight problems? The principal causes are consuming too much unhealthy food and drink, not drinking an adequate volume of water, inadequate sleep, neglecting to exercise, and not taking supplements to provide the nutrients that are lacking in your diet.

What do you have to do to prevent health and weight problems, and to heal yourself if you are sick or overweight? The first step is to use your conscious brain to take personal responsibility for your health. Your subconscious mind controls more than 90% of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions and habits. You need to recognize and believe in your immune system’s powerful abilities of self-repair and self-healing. Immune cells constantly circulate throughout the bloodstream, patrolling to prevent and eliminate infection and disease.

You must eat healthy balanced meals 3 – 5 times per day with more than 50% fresh fruit and green vegetables. A few of my favorite healthy foods are callalloo, avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potato, bananas, mangoes, beans and nuts.

You must avoid high-calorie foods, gluten, ice cream, sugar, sugar and flour products, cheese and meats with fat. Alcohol, sodas, and all drinks with added sugar or sugar substitutes are also injurious to your health.

You should drink 5 -7 liters of water per day. Our bodies are about 60% water. Even mild dehydration, as little as 2% of optimum water content, can lower energy levels, increase fatigue and impair brain function. Drinking more water can help to boost your immune system to prevent disease, lose excess weight, relieve headaches and constipation.

Without trying to lose weight or dieting, when I began eating four meals of healthy food and drink per day, I lost 20 pounds in two months.

How much sleep do you really need? The National Sleep Foundation recently released a two year world class study that recommends an average of seven to nine hours of sleep per day for adults 18 to 65 years of age.

Do stretching, cardio, anaerobic exercises and sex several times per week. After spending thousands of dollars on doctor’s visits and other medical expenses without any lasting relief, stretching exercises recommended by a physiotherapist cured my lower back problems and yearlong severe leg pains in two weeks. My exercises also cured many others who visited their doctors for years.

The most frequently required supplements are multivitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids.

After my medical history from early childhood of continuous illnesses including influenza, sinusitis, allergies, myopia, constipation, diarrhea, bronchitis, loss of five front teeth, rheumatoid arthritis and seven operations to remove my appendix, several kidney stones and my right kidney, I took responsibility for my health. I did extensive research on the health of the human body and brain. Then I resolved to be healthier at 80. I am achieving my goal, feeling younger, healthier and stronger.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, best-selling author of the book, Mind Over Medicine, has done extensive research which indicates that there is scientific proof that you can heal yourself. She describes in detail how you can boost your immune system to resist disease, how to “make your own diagnosis, write your own prescription and create a clear action plan designed to help you make your body ripe for miracles”.

I urge you to take responsibility and control of your health. Be well and stay well by eating healthy food, drinking more water, stretching and cardio exercises, adequate sleep, loving relationships and sweet sex.


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