Peter Muir Deposits Pride and Prejudice Prevail with the National Library of Jamaica

Following on the recent spate of publicity of his book, Pride and Prejudice Prevails the First Memoir, Jamaican author and academic Peter Muir stopped by the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ) to fulfil his Legal Deposit obligation. On Tuesday May 19, 2015, Muir sat with the staff of the National Library to discuss this, the first in his Mastaclass Magic, True Journey to Health, Happiness, Love and Success series.

Pride and Prejudice Prevails the First Memoir chronicles Muir’s amazing journey from his youth living in the slums of Downtown Kingston to graduating from Harvard University and his eventful life in Jamaica thereafter.

“This book will make an excellent addition to the National Collection as it tells one of the most interesting stories of a determined Jamaican. Generations of Jamaicans to come will be able to refer to it to channel their magic inside.” said Valerie Francis, Acquisitions Librarian at the NLJ upon receiving the book into the collection.

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About Peter Muir

To save money for high school fees, I started working at age eleven teaching extra lessons at my elementary school. I entered high school in third form and came first for Jamaica in the 1955 British Senior Cambridge exams. Taking the US SAT exams I ranked in the top 3% in the world. Several US universites offered scholarships and I graduated from Harvard in1961. I married Beverley Hanson in 1965 and I have 2 children, Susan and David.

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